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Natural conservation of irrigation water...

In arid areas like the Middle East, water is one of the most precious natural resources. Following the massive economic boom in this part of the world, huge developments need excessive amounts of irrigation water for their landscapes and Golf courses.

The sandy soils have a very low water holding capacity and are poor in nutrients. The plant roots don't have enough time to use the irrigation water and fertilizers because they are washed out very fast.

Zeoplant is addressing these problems immediately after application into the root zones.

Zeoplant improves the soil structure and increases the water holding capacity of the soils to the extent that infiltration speed of irrigation water will be reduced by up to 85%. Plant roots have more time to absorb the water and loss of water through percolation is reduced drastically.

Zeoplant reduces the necessary quantity of irrigation water by 50%. Zeoplant's additional benefits are as follows:

  • Savings of 50% electricity for pumping of irrigation water
  • Direct wear & tear savings on maintenance for pumping units & irrigation equipment
  • Reduction of storage cost for irrigation water (minimize/eliminate tanks)
  • Reduction of chemical fertilizers during maintenance and operation through prevention of leaching. Therefore monetary savings in time, logistics, labour, spreading
  • Healthier and faster growth of plants and crops which can be substantially proven (temperature controlled areas, i.e. Green houses and open areas) pH is reduced and EC increased which effects growth rate by providing the plants more nutrients Zeoplant has a high CEC and contains lots of nutrients
  • Replaces the usage of peat moss completely
  • Reduces carbon footprint

Zeoplant contributes strongly to sustainable and environ-mentally friendly landscape developments. Zeoplant is easy to apply, has a long lasting efficiency and needs no re-application.

Amazing results

With zeoplant in the soil mix one will see the difference already after two weeks of usage, regardless whether for potting plants, lawns or shrubs. Even trees and palms show dramatically differences with or without zeoplant...

Save water – Protect environment - Cut cost


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